Intern Highlight 3: Kei Takahashi

You can see the original Mailchimp newsletter (with live links) here:

Greetings from the Mellon Opportunity for Diversity in Conservation Program, 

We’re excited to share the progress of another one of our past participants: Kei Takahashi! After participating in the 2018 workshop Kei completed the subsequent 2019 internship program at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY. She is currently studying Organic Chemistry and preparing for graduate school.

Please see below for her story.

All our best,
Ellen, Bianca, and Nicole

Beyond the Mellon workshop and internship, Kei has gained a wide range of experiences including participation in the Summer Teachers Institute in Technical Art History (STITAH) Program at Yale University (upper left) where she  was introduced to conservation. She also completed work on a Matthew Henson diorama (upper right) during an internship at the Winterthur/ University of Delaware Program Art Conservation. Matthew Henson is notably considered the first African American to explore the Arctic. 

Kei recently had the opportunity to study abroad at the Akita International University where she learned about Japanese history, culture, and archaeology focused on the Jomon(14000 to 300 BCE) and Yayoi (300 BC to 300 AD) periods.

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