Summer Workshop

“This workshop fueled my fire, and made this career path seem possible. I am grateful that I was allowed an immersive introduction so that I can know the next steps necessary.”

Anonymous Workshop Participant

Application forms are available:

Applications are due Monday, March 10, 2023 at 5 p.m. PST.

The 6-day long summer workshop is meant to provide a comprehensive introduction for current students and recent graduates from historically underrepresented groups to the field of conservation of cultural heritage. Our home base is the Getty Villa, where we will use the laboratory and classroom space of the UCLA/Getty Program in the Conservation of Archaeological and Ethnographic Materials. The workshop takes place in July and runs from Sunday to Saturday.

Transportation, Lodging, and Meals

The program is designed to remove the financial burden from workshop participants. Airfare and ground transportation to and from Los Angeles are covered by the program. Once in LA, participants will stay in double occupancy dormitory rooms at UCLA. We ask that all participants stay together as it helps build cohort bonding. All meals throughout the week are covered, including breakfast and dinner at UCLA dining halls and lunches at our work or visit sites. Transportation around Los Angeles throughout the week is also provided.

Scenes from the In-person Summer Workshops

Conservators and conservation scientists working in different specialties come from around the country to lecture about their paths into conservation and their many different specialties including paper, photographs, paintings, objects, archaeological materials, books, and costumes and textiles. Participants learn about the ethical and cultural considerations involved in decision making, methods of examination (including ultraviolet luminescence, X-radiography, microscopy, and X-ray Fluorescence spectroscopy), and carry out practicums to experience methods such as pottery mending and filling, paper tear repair silver polishing, textile mending, varnish removal and inpainting of paintings. 

Scenes from the Online Workshop

Throughout the week we also visit other museums in the Los Angeles area to meet with other conservators and learn about the different institutional working spaces and practices. We will also meet with curators, art historians, registrars, exhibition designers, mount makers, Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) specialists, and art historians to learn about the team of professionals who closely work in association with conservators to care for collections and cultural heritage.   

Visits to Museums in the Los Angeles Area

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