2022 Workshop: Front left to right: Kisara Kizaki, Olivia Thanadabout , Zoey Nguyen, Fernanda MC Lorenzini, Maya Hernandez, Victoria Dimas
Back left to right: Imani Badillo, Christopher Martinez, Adriana Munoz, Jennifer Lee, Arianna Martinez, Andy Chen, Kaya Alim, Anna Fruman, Wunmi Akinlemibola, Keanna Flores, Natalie Mendez

Welcome to the Andrew W. Mellon Opportunity for Diversity in Conservation! The UCLA/Getty Interdepartmental Program in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage has received two generous grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to help address underrepresentation in the study and practice of conservation. The first grant supported a four-year pilot program (2017-2020) and building on the successes of the pilot, phase two (2020-2023) is underway!

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Art Museum Staff Demographic 2015 Survey notes “that diverse educational pipelines into curatorial, conservation, and other art museum careers are going to be critical if art museums wish to have truly diverse staff and inclusive cultures.” While one of the key findings in a follow up 2018 Survey notes, “Among intellectual leadership positions, education and curatorial departments have grown more diverse in terms of race/ethnicity, while conservation and museum leadership have not changed.”

This program strives to introduce students from underrepresented backgrounds to conservation as a profession, to build necessary skills through funded, hands-on workshops and internships, and to foster long-term support through mentoring.


Are you interested in preserving art and cultural heritage? Come learn about conservation and this upcoming unique and exciting summer program! The Andrew W. Mellon Opportunity for Diversity in Conservation is a program that introduces students and recent graduates from historically underrepresented communities to the field of cultural heritage conservation, a field that engages with both artistic and scientific understanding of materials and their meanings.

2019 Workshop Participants
Jaclyn Roessel, Grownup Navajo, https://www.jaclynroessel.com/, 2018 workshop

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